The project will have immediate implications for all researchers within NEST, belonging to the various research bodies acting as partners in the project (SNS, CNR, IIT), directly or indirectly involved in the synthesis and manipulation processes of the materials chosen as case study.

It is possible to estimate this number at around 80 people, comprising physicists,  chemists and biologists. Furthermore, there will be an involvement of those professionals dealing with safety, who at NEST are estimated at 15 people, including executives, appointed individuals, health and safety officers, health and safety personnel and workers' health and safety representatives. Finally, through the network of collaborations on the chosen themes, and in particular the network accessible through the various IIT Centres and the various CNR Institutes, it is estimated that the project could have a personnel target in the R&D sector that might roughly be above the 500 units.


Expected results


NanoLab envisages the development of an informatics platform storing information regarding the features, risk profiles and safety protocols relating to the processing and production of nanomaterials in the laboratory.  This information is intended to be easily accessible by all concerned individuals (e.g. R&D managers, R&D personnel and other laboratory personnel, health and safety professionals).

Starting from three specific case studies at the laboratories made available by the project partners, a platform will be developed with the continuous involvement of the concerned personnel, through an iterative and inclusive process.

The platform will be based on a flexible and modular approach, with the aim of creating a dynamic system that over time can adapt to the development of the skills and activities of the individuals involved and that, in subsequent phases, can be implemented also in settings that are different from the case studies considered by the project.