June 20, 2016

A questionnaire to contribute to Nano Lab

This investigation is open to all public and private entities that undertake research, development and innovation activities connected with nanomaterials and with applications/systems/products/services that use nanomaterials ("nano-enabled products"). The questionnaire is divided into three parts:

  1. Research, development, production and use of nanomaterials and relative nano-enabled products;
  2. Responsible development and risk management;
  3. Organisation profile/Members.

The investigation is performed in the context of the NanoLab project, financed with INAIL funds, and dedicated to the development of support tools for responsible development and the management of the risk associated with nanomaterials. The outcome of the investigation will be the creation of a report dedicated to the use of nanomaterials and their responsible development in Italy.

The final report of the investigation, which will be used for the purposes of the NanoLab project and which could be made public, will contain data only in aggregate form, not traceable to the individuals and the organisations that participated.

By following this link it is possible to participate in the questionnaire.